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    • Axia 2.1 Effective support

      Effective support

      Especially suitable for smaller people.
      A genuine Axia office chair: modular construction and adapted to your height and weight.
      An ergonomic office chair with a timeless design.

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    • Axia 2.2 Most popular model

      Most popular model

      The Axia 2.2 office chair helps you actively relax.
      The ultimate office chair for 98% of users - extremely well-suited as project chair.
      The tipping mechanism supports a dynamic posture.

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    • Axia 2.3 Sitting support

      Sitting support

      The extra thick ergonomically shaped cushion means you will sit extremely comfortably.
      A high degree of comfort for heavier users up to 140 kg.
      A real Axia Office Chair: modular designed and adapted to your height and weight.

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    • Axia 2.4 Status and allure

      Status and allure

      Exclusive in design, quality and functionality.
      The extra high back gives the chair status and allure.
      The perfect fit for tall people.

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    • Axia 2.5 Favorite of architects

      Favorite of architects

      Exclusive thanks to its design, quality and functionality.
      All the benefits of the Axia office chair, plus the allure of a netweave backrest.
      The first office chair in which pelvic support and netweave come together.

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    BMA Ergonomics was founded in 1988 as “BioMechanisch Adviesbureau” (Dutch for Biomechanical Consultancy). The company specialised in ergonomic advice and workplace design for people who work in front of a computer. After a successful period of importing office chairs, BMA decided to develop and produce their own ergonomic office chair. Consequently, the first Axia chair was introduced into the market in 1996.

    In addition to our knowledge about ergonomics and biomechanics, sustainability is one of BMA Ergonomics fundamentals. Circular economy has been an integral part of BMA’s philosophy for quite some time. By buying back used Axia office chairs, reusing parts or the entire office chair we can close the product lifecycle. Unusable parts will be responsibly recycled. Every chair of BMA Ergonomics is produced with maximum attention to the environment.

  • Axia Smart Active in action!

  • AXIA 2.0 RANGE

    People are different, and so is their taste. Workstations are also different (e.g. flexible and fixed workstations). That is why the ergonomic Axia 2.0 series office chairs comprise five different models. The back cushions vary in height and shape and are available in numerous designs, fabrics and colours. All models comply with NPR-1813 and EN-1335, standards for dimensions and adjustability.

    An ergonomic Axia 2.0 office chair has direct benefits. An Axia 2.0 offers optimal support for back, neck, pelvis as well as arms and shoulders to prevent pain caused by prolonged sitting or sitting in a bad posture. Your employees will feel better and absenteeism will be decreased. At the end of the working day they will go home fitter. Axia 2.0 ergonomic office chairs simply promote a healthier way of working

    It is important that the chair is properly adjusted to ensure that the spine is supported. Whether it comes to height or seat depth adjustment, seat or backrest angle – the adjustment of the Axia 2.0 is simple and intuitive. Thanks to well-designed levers it is (almost) impossible to set up the chair incorrectly

    Due to the modular construction of the Axia 2.0 there is a suitable seating solution for each employee, even if there are special requirements. BMA Ergonomics performs discreet and cost effective customisations to offer a perfectly fitted office chair to everyone. In short, we offer custom chairs that fit in with all your other office chairs. The Axia 2.0 series of ergonomic office chairs has been honoured in 2014 with three international prestigious awards, namely the IF Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Fira Ergonomics Excellence Award.


    • Axia 2.0 office chair on traveling circularity exhibition

      Imagine that an entire building – the concrete, the wood, the steel, and all of the products inside such as chairs, computers and lighting – was designed to be fully reusable and recyclable. That an office can be transformed into a new apartment building. Or the other way around. The Reversible Experience Modules (REMs) show how buildings can be transformed from demolition cost and liabilities, into the material banks of the future, based on circularity and the Cradle-to-Cradle design concept.

    • “I WAS A CHAIR”- Natural leather from BMA Office Chairs gets a second life!

      Axia office chairs are available in various configurations, colours and fabrics. Meeting the demands of your work conditions, preferences and house style. After you have selected the right Axia office chair, it is hand-upholstered and carefully assembled in one of our factories.

    • Sit smarter, healthier and consciously

      Sugar, salt and sitting: the alleged serial killers of our time. At least when using or doing ‘too much’ of it. Our body needs sugar and salt. And standing all day isn’t that healthy either … The danger isn’t in sugar, salt or sitting itself but in the quantity of it. We daily use almost 2 times more sugar and salt than we need and spend 8 to 13 hours sitting! Most of the time not consciously as well.

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